A Journey Into the Depths of Love

Frances' heart beats to see the fullness of the Kingdom of God come forth in every child of God. She longs to take you into a journey IN to Love Himself...

Her Mandate


“Love” is NOT a choice.
Love is simply the core of Who God IS. Everything that lives on the planet has a CHOICE to abide IN Love (Jesus) or not. Always remember: “Without Love we are no more than a reverberating, clanging gong”…


The strengthening of our inner man.
Absolutely necessary and a huge deficiency in the church.
Jesus said, “Remain in My love…I have told you this so that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete”.


We are a chosen family. I long to see us, the Church, love one another deeply through life. As a result, the world WILL know “us” by our Love for one another.

"Time to Lay it ALL Down"

Frances would say that she is a *simple* lover of JESUS. A modern Day Mystic, a mother to the motherless, a friend of the religious, and sister to the lonely. There are no words to describe Frances’ love for God and “ALL” of God’s children and creation. Her selfless love surpasses every limitation imaginable. She is one that stands with John the Baptist, bringing the church back to God and bringing the world back to God’s abounding LOVE. She is a prophetess like no other. Frances has a deep groaning that moves her to any height or depth in order to bring one person into the freedom that Christ paid for. God has called her to bring reformation to the church and to restore the innocence in each believer's life, as well as, childlike trust and love for their "Daddy". Her mission is to release the Glory of God to such an extreme that it demolishes the entire work of the enemy worldwide. The hunger and passion GOD put within her has IGNITED many women to wildly chase after Jesus with their whole heart and this, not just individually, but WITHIN a “family". She continually opens her heart and entire life to those God calls her to and FEROCIOUSLY loves them with the love implanted within her by God. Frances is CONSTANTLY asking for more of His love to be able to flow through her so as to keep loving day in and day out. She says, “We all need to know Jesus more, for Jesus is everything our hearts truly desire”.

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