Our Mandate


Called to reform what has been laid before us by faithful children of God.
We create events and atmospheres where the entire Body of Christ comes together and work as ONE FAMILY.
We are living “through” Love by demonstration. Not perfected but perfecting one another…transforming, allowing and becoming the embodiment of “LOVE” whom is God.


Our mandate is to follow what is written in

John 13:34-35

We provide a safe place for God’s children to express freely their love for Jesus without worldly limits.

As we experience deep love for each other (1Pet 1:22-23), the Family of God is created and lived out daily creating unity unto the glory and honor of God.


To lay a foundation of Love and experience union IN Jesus as the Kingdom of God advances.


Growing in their unique expression in unity upon the earth.


Bringing forth a foundational experience & celebrating their individuality and union with Jesus